We need at least 14 days unless the colors you want are in stock. We have a small assortment of colors that are readily available.  Delivery lead time depends on the size of your order and the type of closures required.  We can produce decorated orders of 100,000
pieces in as little as 5 weeks.  However, the delivery time may increase to 8-10 weeks during the peak season.

We are specialized to decorate 5,500 caps (MOQ) to medium batch size. Decoration is done by hot stamping method on the head
and/or side.  The most common colors are gold, silver, copper, white and black. Other colors are possible and will be tested beforehand for quality assurance.  Foil colors are available in matte gold and matte silver.


We also offer multi-color designs.These designs are printed flat on the
aluminum or applied using hot stamping foil completely or partially to the
side.If you would like a special base
color, we can spray the pantone color of your choice as a varnish on the caps.

First, we will need a drawing (AI), label or picture of your product.  We are able to develop your design from any information you give us.  Just send us your request and your file.

Shortly after submitting your information, you will receive an artwork proof with the details of your closure design, i.e. basic color, design and decoration method.If everything is acceptable, you will approve the design by signing the
proof. After approval, the decoration tools, foils and/or lacquers will be
ordered. We recommend you start with a standard color before a specialized color is ordered.

For most wine closures, we offer Saranex®; for spirits extruded polyethylene (EPE) without lamination; EVA for carbonated drinks with an internal pressure up to 8 bar (116 psi).  We also offer Saran Tin and Alkovin.


Samples of our standard colors can be sent to you free of charge upon request. If you are looking for a specific tone, we can match the corresponding tone in standard and sprayed colors.  Sending a sample of your product in advance is not a problem.  However, there is a small charge.  Please be aware that it takes as much time to make a sample as it does to produce an order.

The minimum order quantity from our standard color assortment is one box (1,100 pieces).  The minimum for decorated closures is 5 boxes (5,500 pieces). If you order different quantities of standard colors with the same decoration, or without decoration, we will total the standard colors, and you will receive the scale price based off of the total quantity.


For example, you order different quantities
of various colors because you have different grape varieties.


30,000 of Red #60

60,000 of Cream #31

5,000 of Blue #41

3,000 of Green #51

2,000 of Yellow YY


TOTAL = 100,000 pieces – You will receive
the scale price for 100,000


It is best to order early.  If you have long term bottling plans and know
your quantity projections in advance, we can discount your orders up to 7%.


Deliveries in 14 weeks 7%

Deliveries in 12 weeks 5%

Deliveries in 8 weeks 3%

We are a small company driven by our customers’ needs.  Our goal is to work with our customers so that they have the right closures, at the right place and on the confirmed delivery date. We also work with a design agency that specializes in the beverage industry.  If you are uncertain as to the right design for your product, we would be more than happy to provide you with 3-4 examples.


We also have access to a wide selection of
the high quality production materials. 
All of our technology is automated and produces zero exhaust which
enables us to manufacture our product in Sonoma County, California.


We are in partnership with FedEx freight and
ground services.  Our offices are in
close proximity to each other which make is easy to ship immediately to all
parts of the United States.


We also have a dedicated staff who will
answer your inquiries promptly, and who look forward to delivering you a
superior product.

GPI 1680 of the Glass Packaging Institute has issued this specification.  This standard harmonizes with DIN EN 16293 and CETIE GME 30.13.

Some manufacturers like to trade their BVS cap under a specifically defined name such as Stelvin®, Finecap®, Winecap or Longcap.  We expressly refrain from doing so in order to simplify cap identification. 
We refer to this cap as BVS 30 x 60 with an indication of the liner type,
standard base color, as well as the name/number of the artwork.

Our shipping boxes measure 23” x 15” x 14.5” (LxWxH) and weigh 13.5 pounds. The dimensions of a standard pallet of 25 boxes are approximately 48” x 40” x 80” (LxWxH) and weighs 385 pounds including the pallet.

We have technical specifications for each product. You can download the BVS 30x60 specifications here: If
you need specifications for any other product, please feel free to contact us.


We will be happy to advise you if there was no suitable answer for you among the frequently asked questions. We are happy to support you.