Inspiration with Spray Color Varnish

With each closure project we use spray varnish to create individuality, inspiration and beauty for your unique packaging needs. During the spraying process, the color particles are atomized and sprayed on the top and side of the closure in one working step. This results in clear consistency and vibrant color pigments over the entire cap. Special attention should be noted of the metallic effects, which provide for highly individual and unique look. A new value is achieved with spraying, which stands out clearly from conventional printing processes. Spraying is one of the most environmentally friendly application processes for long caps due to the use of water-based lacquers making the infrared drying process as gentle as possible.



• Minimum order quantity starting at 5,500 pieces.
• Color matching is available including PMS or label color matching.
• Consistent color accuracy and reliable reproduction.
• Combination metal particles in the spray varnish giving metallic or iridescent look if desired.
• Full and even distribution of color across entire closure surface.
• Glossy or matte finish available over the full side and top surface.


Spray varnish with metallic particles create a premium eye catching design which ensures a high level of attention to your product.

The variation of metal particles can be adjusted to your desired density and size giving your closure just the right amount of shimmer or sparkle.

With our spray process, your individual color is uniform in every way. Pantone or RAL values can be used to meet special color matching requirements. Additionally we can combine your custom color with various metallic effects . Custom color spray varnishes can be produced for quantities as little as 5,500 pcs.

With spraying, various combinations of glossy or matte finishes can be achieved. The full-color uniform profile creates a polished and unique look, which clearly stands out from other methods. Side-offset printing, pad printing or hot-foil embossing as well as relief embossing on the top are additionally possible and ensure the most desirable level of custom brand imaging for your full packaging needs.

The possibilities for your unique design are endless. Please contact us to discuss the full range of options and assist you with all your closure needs!

9 inspiring spray stock color families to choose from, including Bronze, Copper, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Silver, Gold and Pastel. Our color samples can be a great beginning to selecting your individual spray varnish color and spray optics. Please contact us for your own personal set of color samples.